DB Latimore Professional Services Group Introduces the 72 Hour Human Resources Organizational Audit

What we do.

DB Latimore Professional Services Group, LLC specializes in improving workforce productivity at complex organizations. We do this by applying our acclaimed six-part framework “Productivity Powered by P.E.O.P.L.E.®” through multiple organizational development venues which include human resources management services, individual and group coaching, strategic facilitation, and seminars.

Our hummingbird logo represents the potential agility of any workforce.  We support the belief that minor adjustments to the way work is defined and delivered will improve the productivity of the performing unit and ultimately the organization.  The hummingbird possesses the innate ability to adjust quickly to any situation by shifting its wings in motion either forward, backwards, by hovering and, when necessary, upside down.  Our methodology allows you to embed this ability within your organization, and experience significant gains in productivity and performance.

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